Wines for Your Summer 2024 Bucket List

Summer is in full swing, with long, sun-soaked days calling you to indulge in impromptu adventures and backyard get-togethers. Whether you’re lounging by the water, exploring the outdoors, or enjoying time with family and friends, the right wine can elevate every moment – and I want to help you find it! As you plan your activities, consider adding these wines to your summer bucket list.

Beach Trip – Sauvignon Blanc

I don’t know about you, but when I think of summer, I can’t help but imagine myself lying out on the beach enjoying the sun with a refreshing glass of Sauvignon Blanc. The floral aromas and tropical notes of passion fruit, grapefruit, and sometimes mango are a vacation for the senses. And the bright acidity and crisp texture make this wine an excellent pairing for seafood dishes like snapper, halibut, or oysters.

For a lovely and fresh tasting experience, I recommended a Sauvignon Blanc from Chanel-owned St. Supéry Vineyard in Napa Valley:

Lake Day – Chardonnay

Do you prefer the gentle ebbs of a lake over crashing waves and salty beach air? Then Chardonnay is your lake day bottle of choice. Vibrant, fresh, and light, Chardonnay offers everything you could want in a summer wine and more. This grape is planted around the world and can be found in several different styles.

One of my all-time favorite bottles of Chardonnay is this lively and luscious Lewis Cellars Chardonnay:

Boat Party – Riesling

The low-alcohol content and refreshing acidity of Riesling make it an easy choice for a warm day spent on deck. Known for bright peach and apricot flavors and green apple aromas that maintain their intensity even when chilled, this bottle will invigorate your senses from the moment you set sail to when you return to dock. Riesling also boasts a variety of dry and sweet options, making it a palatable choice for groups with diverse preferences.

Get the party vibes going with an off-dry, fruity bottle of Wehlener Sonnenuhr Riesling Kabinett by JJ Prum:

Hiking – Pinot Noir

While some may reserve red wine for the cooler months, real wine enthusiasts know the right bottle can perfectly complement a summer evening. For me, it’s a classic Pinot Noir. This easy-drinking wine, with its light body and low tannins, after a calorie-burning day of hikes, a cool glass of Pinot Noir with a hearty meal is sure to hit the spot.

I always enjoy the taste of red fruits and sweet spices in this Burn Cottage Vineyard Pinot Noir, harvested from biodynamic grown grapes in Central Otago, New Zealand:

Brunch – Prosecco

No summer brunch is complete without the effervescent charm of Prosecco, an elegant sparkling wine that hails from Italy. Prosecco is extremely food-friendly and pairs well with a variety of cheeses, cured meats, and desserts. While delicious on its own, the acidity and ripe fruit aromas of this wine enhances the citrus flavors of orange juice in a mimosa for a quintessential brunch cocktail that’s both revitalizing and uplifting.

When planning the ideal brunch spread, you can’t go wrong with a Bisol Prosecco Superiore:

Farmers Market – Rosé

Crisp and fruity, Rosé effortlessly combines the best elements of red and white wine to make a delightful summer wine. Picture yourself on a sunny morning, strolling by the vendors at your local farmers market, filling your basket with seasonal fruits and vegetables, and enticing your palate with flavors of strawberry, citrus, and a tantalizing rhubarb finish. If you’re not one to sip and stroll, save the bottle for a relaxing picnic with your seasonal finds.

To capture the essence of summer in a bottle, pick up a Charles Joguet Rosé made in the Chinon appellation in France:

Backyard BBQ – Orange Wine

Despite the name, orange wine is not made with oranges; it’s really a white wine produced in the style of red, which means the skins are left on during the fermentation process. This unique wine-making style elicits a distinct and intriguing profile. Giving off honeyed aromas and nutty flavors, with a touch of sourness thanks to the tannin from the skins, this is a bold wine that pairs surprisingly well with spiced, grilled dishes like chicken, lamb, or eggplant.

If you’re not ready to experiment with orange wine, try this William Chris Petillant Naturel for a natural, sparkling alternative with a beautiful pink-orange hue (just a heads-up, this wine will explode when you open it, so be sure to uncork over the sink!):

Cheers to a summer full of adventures, good company, and delicious wine!

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