The Best Wine Influencers to Learn From

The Best Wine Influencers to Learn From

While learning about wine from books and videos is effective, it can sometimes be a bit dry! (But not in a Sauvignon Blanc kind of way). That’s why I love following wine influencers—their content is the perfect way to diversify how you learn about wine, hear different perspectives, and give yourself a break from the book grind. And you already know how I feel about easy-to-consume, accessible wine education

Below are a few of my favorite wine influencers creating great content for anyone interested in learning about wine! 




Katie is an excellent resource for learning about French wine and growing regions. Plus, if you’re struggling with the correct pronunciation of French wines, producers, or regions, she provides language tutorials and tips to help you out!



After a car accident left Yannick paralyzed, he still pursued his dreams of becoming a world-class sommelier, and boy did he do just that. He is currently an advanced sommelier with the Court of Master Sommeliers, and one thing I love about him is that, above all, he wants to promote accessibility. He works to highlight winemakers that are breaking barriers, including winemakers of color, women, and people with disabilities.



One thing I love about Philippe is that he makes wine FUN. His goal is to try to amplify and grow the community around the wine industry. He also hosts “Charlie Chats” on his page, where he interviews notable people in the wine industry as they discuss anything from bubbly to pairing menus.



Casleah is just fun. You’ll find engaging educational content on her page, from wine facts to wine tasting notes, to her wine travels, where she details how the local wines came to be. She also is the founder of her amazing wine company, Casleah, and her Rosé wine is to die for! 

Again, there is so much information to cover when you’re learning about wine, so don’t get overwhelmed. I hope you’ve found someone on this list you’re excited to take with you on your wine journey. Remember—it’s all about having fun, so switch things up from time to time and pour yourself a break!