"This course is an amazing tool for people who are just getting into wine and can't for any reasons take wine courses in person. As well as a great tool for employees of high end restaurants or other companies that sell wine, especially here in California - wine country. You can do it on your own timeframe, re-watch all the videos, retake the quizzes and final exam as many times as you want, which will make you truly memorize things that you've missed. It covers all the basics without too much unnecessery details. Super easy to understand. No snobbery, very approachable, and very fun delivery. AND it's not expensive, you can actually afford it! I wish this course existed before I took my certified sommelier course, as I knew almost nothing then and it was a huge load of information. Had I taken this kind of course beforehand it'd be way easier for me to understand and remember the details later. If you want to start somewhere, this is it!"

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Jana Krastina, WSA/NASA Certified Sommelier, Trader Joe's Studio City, CA

"This wine class is one of the first I’ve ever seen that cut through some of the most tedious and boring aspects of wine education. You present the material not only in a fun and approachable way, but in a format that allows you to relate and start using it in every day practice. I wish this class existed when I first got into the industry. This is a great tool, not only for wine professionals, but for home connoisseurs as well!"

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Evan Pitts, Luxury Wine Portfolio Manager, Certified Sommerlier, CSW, CSS, WSET III, Baltinore, MD



"WELL DONE CRISTIE! I am a wine educator (working mostly with novices) and this course gave me great tips and reminders for how to explain wine in a simple and concise manner for anyone to understand. The problem with wine education is that it is either too complex and boring (for a novice consumer) or it's full of fluff and taught by people who don't know much themselves. This course was both informative and fun. And you can tell that Cristie REALLY knows her stuff. After my classes many people ask: what can I do next? How can I learn more? Until now I have hesitated sharing any one resource as most are pretty uninspiring for consumers. This class perfectly fits the needs of regular, everyday people wanting a good baseline to learn more about wine. Also, it goes without saying that this course would be a perfect fit for restaurant/bar staff training. Can't wait to recommend this!"

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Brianne Cohen, DipWSET Event/Wedding Producer and Wine Educator/Writer Los Angeles

"The course is very informative and in terms that are very approachable and digestible."

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Ethan Samuels, ex-Spago