"I'd like to take a moment to say THANK YOU to Cristie, she took the intimidation right out of wine education and I couldn't be happier to share this course and what I've learned with others. Her wit and humor made this course captivating and entertaining. The way she breaks down different varietals, terroirs and regions is not only easy to comprehend but it also pushes you to want to take the next leap in learning. For myself that means popping the cork on a Sommelier certification."

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Amanda Goodman, Account Manager Imperial Beverage. Northern Michigan

"Put down the Wine Bible and start with this fast, fun, and unpretentious survey of the world of wine. Like a good Chablis, it’s lean, racy, and gone before you know it."

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Tim Lecher, Lawyer who’d rather work in wine, San Francisco, CA




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David Jimenez, Introductory Sommelier with the CMS/Manager and Assitant Wine Director, Baton Rouge, La

"The knowledge presented in this wine course provides the context needed to deliver a confident and concise dialogue for your wine program. Cristie does a superb job at giving you the comprehensive insight you’ll need to establish the kind of service your guests are going to appreciate greatly. If your a server, bartender, beverage director or just a lover of food and wine, I highly recommend to make the investment and complete this excellent wine course for beginners. Cheers!"

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Eric Montesinos, bartender, Pacific Hideaway Huntington Beach, Ca.