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The Online Wine Course

A Driver’s Ed Course for Wine for the total beginner led by certified sommelier and wine expert, Cristie Norman.

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Meet The Creator

Cristie Norman

CEO & Founder

Meet The Creator

Cristie Norman is a Wine Educator and Sommelier, certified through the Court of Master Sommeliers and WSET (Level 3). She became a Wine Expert at 21 years old and wants to make wine education affordable, accessible and fun for everyone. She is also the President of the United Sommeliers Foundation, providing financial assistance for Wine Professionals in crisis due to circumstances beyond their control.

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Learn the basics of Wine in one afternoon. No previous wine knowledge necessary. A Driver’s Ed Course for wine for the total beginner led by certified sommelier and wine expert, Cristie Norman.

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A Driver’s Ed Course For Wine:

What’s included in the course:

Four (4) hours of wine education
Sixty (60) High-Quality Videos
Sixteen (16) Sections covering an array of topics, all guided by Cristie
Worksheets for every video to take notes

Sixteen (16) Timed Quizzes
One (1) Timed Comprehensive Final Exam
Certificate of Completion and Graduation Pin!

Featured Testimonials

Featured Testimonials

"Cristie Norman's Online Wine Course was amazing!! It was extremely user friendly, very educational, but not overwhelming. I came out feeling a lot more confident about wine and knowing A LOT more than I had expected to learn. This is fantastic for beginners because it is simple enough for you to understand and learn, but also goes farther than basic information. You feel like a bit of a pro by the end. I, 10 out of 10 recommend this course, if you're wanting to learn about the ins and outs of wine! (How it's made, origins, laws, history, pairing, and more!) Also, the course is great if you are a bartender/server and want to know more about what you're serving, facts to give guests, and recommendations for them!"


Gina Omilon

"It was a perfect beginners course. I thought the videos were engaging and the information was very interesting overall. I felt like I came away with a good amount of knowledge and I’m now REALLY looking forward to taking the next course as soon as you release one."


Rhea Advani

"For someone that has been in the industry for 10 years and has taken many wine classes, this one is by far the best. It has helped me learn a lot of new things, as well as a great fresher for some things I already knew. Cristie was super personable, friendly & funny, which made following along so easy (& I have the attention span of a gnat!). At the end, I felt like I knew so much more about wine and can’t wait to try new wines that I never thought I would! I hope there are more advanced classes in the future! "


Jaclyn Cassata

"This course was absolutely amazing. It was both entertaining and challenging. I enjoyed the little tips and tricks along the way. I finally feel confident about wine and presenting it at work. Thank you Cristie!"


Gabrielle Harvey

"This course if excellent for beginners and for those, like me, who need a brush up. Wine is technical and complex but Cristie had a great way of breaking it down and introducing subjects at an appropriate and easily digestible pace. Would highly recommend to anyone who would like to discover the beautiful, nuanced world of wonderful wine. Cheers!"


Jacklyn Currier

"Fantastic - I'd like to implement this in our restaurant's new hire training!"


Jessica Scotten

"[I] really liked it, I've done courses previously and this made things clear for me. I feel like I know the regions and varieties and would be confident to make a choice beyond letting the price decide. Cristie's approach is fun and simple. Best of luck and thank you again, really ignited my love of wine!"


Paul Cassidy

"If you'd like to know what you're talking about when researching, ordering or buying wine this is a great place to start."


Christy Grady

"Loved it! The second half of the course was by far my favorite; the who, where, and why of wine"


Tina Stapper

"The Online Wine Course provides the perfect opportunity for a curious wine drinker to become a wine lover. Cristie presents a broad but easy to grasp overview of winemaking, viticulture and practical pairing tips. I finished the course wanting to expand my knowledge of even further."


Paola Zoe Sisco

"Cristie Norman's Online Wine Course is absolutely entertaining! Cristie makes wine so approachable and learning so much fun. It's a great crash course for hospitality workers & wine enthusiasts to learn about wine around the world in one broad stoke. You'll laugh. You'll have some "aha" moments. And you'll definitely walk away with a greater appreciation for wine. I wish I had something like this when I first discovered wine."



"It was great for beginners. I felt it had a good mixed of really simple basic wine knowledge as well as the more in depth global scale of wine! I already knew some things about wine but this course helped me learn a lot more than I knew before!"



"I really enjoyed this course. Some things I knew, and some things I was shocked to know. One of my good friends is the beverage manager/sommelier and couldn't believe how much I was getting to cover [in this course]. I cant wait to go back to work and use the knowledge I learned. Thank you so much!"


Leslie Graves

"Whether it is someone who wants to learn about wine professionally and is in a beginner position, or someone who wants to just know more about what they're drinking, its amazing for both. I am a bit past beginner level, chose the course just to hone my skills. I had found new information that I had previously not known about, as well as specifics and great refreshers. I would recommend this to anyone."


Theo Cojan

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Three (3) – Five (5) Short videos on each of the following sections:

Introduction to Wine

1.1.1 Welcome
1.1.2 Course Overview
1.1.3 Introduction to Wine
1.1.4 Ordering a Bottle of Wine
1.1.5 The Taste
Quiz 1.1

How to Order Wine at a Restaurant

1.2.1 It All Tastes The Same
1.2.2 Analyzing Structure – Acid, Tannin, Alcohol and Sugar
1.2.3 Picking Up Aromas
Quiz 1.2

Sparkling Wines of the World

1.3.1 How Bubbles Happen/Intro to Sparkling Wine
1.3.2 Sparkling Wine Terms
1.3.3 Champagne
1.3.4 Cremant, Cava and Prosecco
1.3.5 How to Open and Pour a bottle of Sparkling
Quiz 1.3

Important White Grapes

1.4.1 Pinot Gris/Grigio-Alto Adige
1.4.2 Sauvignon Blanc – New Zealand, California and Sancerre
1.4.3 – Chardonnay – California, Burgundy
1.4.4 Riesling – Germany
1.4.5 Muscat – Moscato d’Asti
Quiz 1.4

Important Red Grapes

1.5.1 Pinot Noir – Burgundy, California and Oregon
1.5.2 Merlot – Bordeaux and California
1.5.3 Cabernet Sauvignon – Bordeaux, California, Australia and Chile
1.5.4 – Syrah – France, United States and Australia
1.5.5 Zinfandel
1.5.6 Sangiovese – Central Italy
Quiz 1.5

Why is Wine Expensive

1.6.1 Wine is an Agricultural Product
1.6.2 Oak Aging
1.6.3 Winemaking
1.6.4 Marketing
Quiz 1.6

Serving Wine
1.7.1 Opening a Bottle of Wine
1.7.2 Serving Temperatures 
1.7.3 Preserving Wine 
1.7.4 Glassware 
Quiz 1.7

Three (3) – Five (5) Short videos on each of the following sections:


2.1.1 – Introduction to Terroir
2.1.2 – Soil Types Matter
2.1.3 – Climate Makes a Difference
2.1.4 – Where Means What New World vs Old World
Quiz 2.1


2.2.1 – Champagne
2.2.2 – Bordeaux
2.2.3 – Burgundy
2.2.4 – Southeast France Rhone and Provence
Quiz 2.2

Introduction to Italian Wine

2.3.1 – Northern Italy
2.3.2 – Central Italy
2.3.3 Southern Italy
Quiz 2.3

Introduction to US Wine

2.4.1 – Intro to U.S. Wine
2.4.2 – The Judgement of Paris
2.4.3 – Diversity in California
2.4.4 – Oregon and Washington
Quiz 2.4

Spanish and Portugese Wine

2.5.1 – Introduction to Spanish Wine
2.5.2 – Rioja – Tempranillo and Garnacha
2.5.3 – Rias Baixas – Albarino
2.5.4 – Penedes – Cava
2.5.5 – Sherry and Port
Quiz 2.5

South America

2.6.1 – Argentina
2.6.2 – Chile
Quiz 2.6

German Wine

2.7.1 – Introduction to German Wine Law
2.7.2 – So is it Sweet
2.7.3 – Mosel and Rheingau
Quiz 2.7

Other Important New World Regions

2.8.1 – Australia – Barossa
2.8.2 – New Zealand – Marlborough
2.8.3 – South Africa
Quiz 2.8

Food and Wine Pairing

2.9.1 – Introduction to Food and Wine Pairing
2.9.2 – Food and Wine Pairing – Level One – The Basics
2.9.3 – Food and Wine Pairing – Level Two – The Spectrum
2.9.4 – Level Three – Balance or Accentuate
Quiz 2.9

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How The Course Works:

01 Worksheets with Every Video

01 Worksheets with Every Video

Worksheets are provided to follow along and take active notes.

Reinforce specific learning objectives intended for each subject

Worksheets provide a guide to successfully passing each section quiz.

02 Timed Quizzes

Timed 10-Minute Quizzes after every section (16 total)

Comprehensive multiple-choice questions that require analysis

03 Final Exam, Certificate of Completion & Pin

03 Final Exam, Certificate of Completion & Pin

Take the comprehensive exam with a minimum of 75% to pass

Congratulations! You’ve passed. Print out your graduation certificate

Your graduation pin has been shipped!

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Over 3000+ Courses Completed. Join the class and continue your wine education with all students on our exclusive FB Group + More!

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